How sweet the gift

This life. How it does have its many tendencies to give its gifts, to amaze, to inspire, and this list keeps growing daily. I heard a man ask the other morning as we walked by if we had seen the fox. He stood at the end of his driveway staring from where it was that we had just come from. “Nope, no fox” and we kept moving as he kept staring, expecting perhaps that the fox would come back. Now back where we lived before here, fox were a regular occurrence, and I guess there’s no reason they wouldn’t be down here also. Walking with two unruly leashed hounds I’m sure might have scared it off to god knows where, but I had no desire to get the beasts on the scent of a fox. I didn’t give it much thought after that but then today I saw an image on another friends page. It was whimsical and made me smile. It was brightly colored and a change of pace from his normal and it filled my heart with joy. It brought to mind the fox, which of course with the way my head works, took me into the book of The Little Prince. Now I love this book. I adore this book and always have, ever since I was a child. It made me write, it inspired me, and even today I pulled my copy down to have a quick look-see. It made me think of the people here in my world. How what is essential is invisible to the eye. Each one of you are a piece in my life. Each with a gift, whether you know it or not, you give me a gift each day. I don’t see you per se and have no idea what most of you even look like, but it doesn’t matter, it’s not essential after all.

What is essential that  you create from your souls. You give your gifts to the world and when most needed, we open the mailbox and see words of encouragement, words of love, words of pain and most of all, pieces of yourself. I am thrilled with the new things I find here each day, with how you inspire me, make me sad, make me happy and in general fill the place in my life with so much beauty that words could never describe it. I sit here with my heart so full, so glad that I have you in my life. You have tamed my heart in ways that nothing else could. You are my gift from the universe, so a big shout out to each one of you, my perfect roses, unlike any other. God, so very blessed indeed.

Peace, love and if you’ve never read it, pick up a copy. Written by Antoine de Saint Expery.

25 thoughts on “How sweet the gift

  1. always a pleasure my friend, i’m glad it was safe…although later as it grows, may cause more damage if it doesn’t dart as fast….peace and love , Kim


  2. Hi InifniteZip Always so nice to hear from you. A baby deer ran across the road in front of me while driving and safely ran into bushes. Such a joyful sight. Thank you for liking my poems “The Calling and Forest Park!” Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed poet.

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  3. Thanks Michael, I must be almost perfect then😊 ha, ok, don’t go swelling my head. You’re a beautiful soul my friend and so very cherished to my life….how’s the book writing going? Hi Hafiz, have a most excellent day😊

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  4. I echo your sentiments, Kim! You bring a smile on many a day, and your heart shines brightly with kindness, joy and love.

    And I like the way your mind works, too… Ha! Peace and Love, Michael

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  5. You can always be yourself, upbeat or other….you’re always appreciated. I thought dingos were the bad characters down there…my cat only catches the occasional bird and lately just plays with the lizards…thanks for you and your wonderful stories😊 peace and love, Kim


  6. Thanks Sheldon, yes above all peace and the blessing of wonderful people that move around and through the world like planets in their groove, I’m glad you’re in my orbit😊💜


  7. Thank you Mary,
    It was my favorite, still is, although I’ve added other favorites since. So many wise words, and I am very blessed indeed. This place is a beautiful world, filled with amazing souls. Your words make me smile indeed. Peace and blessings , Kim

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  8. That may be where I read it too for he first time, although there was a cartoon made of it, not sure what came first…kind of like he chicken or the egg, all the same, it was a gift and I still read it every now and then😊💜

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  9. One of my favorite books. Ever. I even read it in french in high school, but I had already read it. I have read the part about the snake sending him home at funerals, and the part about looking at the wheat fields and remembering the color of his hair. I love his wisdom. What is essential is invisible to the eye. There is a mountain around here that looks like a hat, but I always think of it as a snake who has just eaten an elephant. I mentioned it to a friend I was walking with, and he knew exactly what I was talking about. And I love his conversation with the fox and about being tamed. Love that book!!!

    You are gift too, Kim. This whole community is a gift. Thank you for being part of it. For creating so much beauty.

    Love and Peace

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  10. Well, I have never been called a rose before; and foxes, in Australia, have helped in the extinction of many of our native animal although the cat is the worst. I will try to be more uplifting next time.

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  11. Thanks G, so many gifts from others creations, the inspiration the fuels the soul, truly….even your poetry😊 and chocolate and grammar corrections, all of it😀 peace and love, K

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  12. It is lovely to hear that the world can work like this for you, for me, for all of us creative doodlers.

    Lots of ‘Yay!’ to you and the good in the world.


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