Between storms

Her aura colored grey
mixed with muted shades of hope
caught between storms
yesterday against today.
She raged like a cyclone against
everything she had tried to glean
that slipped away in a fast rushing stream
smashed upon the rocks so aimlessly.
The clouds spoke to ears that were closed
as she waited for the lights from above
to stream through and cast direction,
to banish the fury
for her hope and need.
Stranded upon the crumbling rock
she cried out in surrender to the might of above
weak and tired closing her eyes
waves lifting her to carry her past
that which she thought would devastate,
standing on firm ground
feet caked with grains of shells and sand,
clouds cleared to show the way
and the stars that spoke of a new today
just keep the faith
leave the rest behind,
Rain tapered to a gentle soft stroke
the words she spoke so long ago,
now ringing in ears eager to hear,
the beauty,
the light,
it’s finally here.

9 thoughts on “Between storms

  1. Thanks Sheldon,
    Good morning too,
    Trying to gather the thoughts in a normal fashion,
    It’s like wrangling the wind some days,
    Storms focus me and woke this am to lightning,
    Always beautiful but I like he thunder that accompanies,
    Today’s was void.
    Thank you, I know you can hear me
    Even without words😊
    Peace and more peace,

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  2. Of course my friend, did the shopping well before and then only got a few inches. We sat out each night and watched the rain, blessed indeed😊 a lot of others had it so much worse. Thanks Michael😊

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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