Eyes to the soul

Winding down into the depths
her eyes see all that no others can,
through ageless time and loves demand
she gathers the mysteries of each image.
Projected in her memorys keep
she whispers tales of love so sweet
and the phantom of tragedies lost in time
in the faded pages of her mind.
She waits for he who lingers close
as he moves through her gaze in ghostly shadows
here then gone like yesterdays night
she will not give up her right to fight
for what it is that drives her need
the faceless soul of her mightiest dream,
sitting silent beneath the cold moonlight
in jewels to court his eyes to her
and lost he will be found
in her magic there.
The lady of the greenest eyes
told through tales since the start of time
the beautiful one who steals your soul
and in the wake of passion
leaves you whole
and begging for another taste
of life and the fire of her embrace.

not sure where this arose from, comments about green eyes…so I thought I’d add my thoughts in, lost in thoughts of beauty and magic. Ah, the passion of life.

As the magic banana turns….

Well Colin blew through without too much residual damage and I thought I’d pop in and give you all an update on the magic bananas. Now I feel like a stalker, just so you know, going out at dusk to capture the not-so-elusive species and the above picture is actually in color, I just took it as the sun went down, above my head, picking a specific one so I could track its movements. So this here magic banana, whom I’ve decided to name Clyde, as I already had a Colin in my life this week, well, Clyde just hung there like a…well, like a proud magic banana saying “look at me” so I waited till he wasn’t looking and snapped his pic. So today I go out to see how Clyde has progressed and Clyde is now a Colleen I think, all pretty and such:


So I guess one day is all it takes for a banana to change it’s skin….but now we find they are messy little creatures, dropping their peels all over the place, and to make matters worse, they look like a brown Mr. Slithers lying in wait in piles all over the place. I will check tomorrow and see if Colleen dropped to her demise….strange money tree magic. I like to think for every magic banana we make some money….hey, does anyone want to buy a magic banana. They’re on special 2-4-$1…..act fast, they don’t last long 🙂

In other news around my yard, new hibiscus are blooming and looking all lovely in the front yard:


and the Bromeliad is sprouting tender shoots….I do so love my purple….sorry for the bad shot, refuse to stand in the higher greens lest Mr. Slithers deems to show his shiny face. Will try again tomorrow when I’m not wearing the Birkenstocks….

100_1656.jpgJust thought I’d show you the things I find in the yard…No pics of Slithers….he’s shy that way ….and fast….and if I dicker around too long trying to take his pic he may decide to run to the shadow that I’m probably casting and then we know what will happen next.I will die a sudden and unfortunate death from a heart attack….not ready for that….ever!

Cinderella dreams

My hands dig deep in warm swirling waters, plucking up each treasure, careful to clear the grit and debris from each precious piece, rinsing clean in laced waves, set aside to dry. I sweep the sand in piles here and there, scooping them up to set them free on the wind of a plastic bag that hangs waiting, my pail filled with water, ready to wash clean and make new again. I take the rag and wipe away the sweat of grime built up from the winds of nature, the shaking of beasts in the cave, and the day to day layers that build like daydreams as I move about, world to world, room to room. I gather our towels, our niceties and things, swishing them around with the scent of good things to Gain, spinning them like a tornado, hanging them in the salted breeze to let the moisture rise into the clouds, becoming rain perhaps someday. I gaze into the looking glass, wiping smudges off the reflection of tanned skin and a touch of grey, smiling in my own way, lost in another place, daydreaming the chores away. I sit in a world of blue, cool breeze pushed down from the white clouded fan above, imagining my toes in a wave and sand, not too far away from here, where the current need at hand is keeping the beasts at bay, writing my thoughts away while the floor shines like the Florida sun, lemon fresh sheen as I wait patiently for the total dry, where the man who moves beyond the window, slashes at grass and watches for slithering things that surprise, a floor lies in wait for the next storm.

Thoughts on plodding along cleaning house while hubby mows the grass. Mr. Slithers visited me yesterday unexpectedly, I was kind enough to point out to him that if he stays away from me, no harm will befall….he high tailed it out lickety split. Yep, I’m a force to be reckoned with I figured as I sat there with a shovel full of beast dung. Ooops, there’s another pile….but slithers went that way, so I will wait….till tomorrow.