As the magic banana turns….

Well Colin blew through without too much residual damage and I thought I’d pop in and give you all an update on the magic bananas. Now I feel like a stalker, just so you know, going out at dusk to capture the not-so-elusive species and the above picture is actually in color, I just took it as the sun went down, above my head, picking a specific one so I could track its movements. So this here magic banana, whom I’ve decided to name Clyde, as I already had a Colin in my life this week, well, Clyde just hung there like a…well, like a proud magic banana saying “look at me” so I waited till he wasn’t looking and snapped his pic. So today I go out to see how Clyde has progressed and Clyde is now a Colleen I think, all pretty and such:


So I guess one day is all it takes for a banana to change it’s skin….but now we find they are messy little creatures, dropping their peels all over the place, and to make matters worse, they look like a brown Mr. Slithers lying in wait in piles all over the place. I will check tomorrow and see if Colleen dropped to her demise….strange money tree magic. I like to think for every magic banana we make some money….hey, does anyone want to buy a magic banana. They’re on special 2-4-$1…..act fast, they don’t last long 🙂

In other news around my yard, new hibiscus are blooming and looking all lovely in the front yard:


and the Bromeliad is sprouting tender shoots….I do so love my purple….sorry for the bad shot, refuse to stand in the higher greens lest Mr. Slithers deems to show his shiny face. Will try again tomorrow when I’m not wearing the Birkenstocks….

100_1656.jpgJust thought I’d show you the things I find in the yard…No pics of Slithers….he’s shy that way ….and fast….and if I dicker around too long trying to take his pic he may decide to run to the shadow that I’m probably casting and then we know what will happen next.I will die a sudden and unfortunate death from a heart attack….not ready for that….ever!

12 thoughts on “As the magic banana turns….

  1. We only got two or three inches, but a little bit north, got almost ten and flooding. Our house is built on a small sloped hill in a way, the way they build down here now😊 but the pool is nice and full😊


  2. We’ve figured it out, it’s a huge money tree….some though baobab but the tree itself doesn’t look like that…..waiting for money to fall from it…instead we get wacky bananas that turn into flowers and die the next day….a runt tree though…messy.


  3. Thanks Russ,
    If you didn’t know, I name pretty much everything…if it’s a regular occurrence of species….keepin’ it animated and light😊 peace and love, Kim


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