Cinderella dreams

My hands dig deep in warm swirling waters, plucking up each treasure, careful to clear the grit and debris from each precious piece, rinsing clean in laced waves, set aside to dry. I sweep the sand in piles here and there, scooping them up to set them free on the wind of a plastic bag that hangs waiting, my pail filled with water, ready to wash clean and make new again. I take the rag and wipe away the sweat of grime built up from the winds of nature, the shaking of beasts in the cave, and the day to day layers that build like daydreams as I move about, world to world, room to room. I gather our towels, our niceties and things, swishing them around with the scent of good things to Gain, spinning them like a tornado, hanging them in the salted breeze to let the moisture rise into the clouds, becoming rain perhaps someday. I gaze into the looking glass, wiping smudges off the reflection of tanned skin and a touch of grey, smiling in my own way, lost in another place, daydreaming the chores away. I sit in a world of blue, cool breeze pushed down from the white clouded fan above, imagining my toes in a wave and sand, not too far away from here, where the current need at hand is keeping the beasts at bay, writing my thoughts away while the floor shines like the Florida sun, lemon fresh sheen as I wait patiently for the total dry, where the man who moves beyond the window, slashes at grass and watches for slithering things that surprise, a floor lies in wait for the next storm.

Thoughts on plodding along cleaning house while hubby mows the grass. Mr. Slithers visited me yesterday unexpectedly, I was kind enough to point out to him that if he stays away from me, no harm will befall….he high tailed it out lickety split. Yep, I’m a force to be reckoned with I figured as I sat there with a shovel full of beast dung. Ooops, there’s another pile….but slithers went that way, so I will wait….till tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Cinderella dreams

  1. Noooo….I kind of like spiders…..out of my way of course, but I try not to kill them….unless they’re nasty aggressive ones…then I feel bad🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

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  2. I hope you know I just got a crop of goose bumps on my arms….argh…’re a strong woman, I could never do that, unless of course it was wrapped around my dog or cat, then I would have to…but I wouldn’t enjoy it….eeek.

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  3. You might pass out for sure if you knew that I used to work in a pet shop whose 4 foot python used to regularly escape her environment and I would have to extract her from below the baseboard heaters where she loved to keep warm. Then I’d have to hold her and soothe her for a while to calm her down lol…oh sorry…let me help you up off the floor 😮 🙂

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  4. you are right, its been a while since I lived there. My cats used to play with the red banded babies, sadly, and then I’d have to rescue them (the babies!) but I do like snakes. Im the one following them through the woods trying to catch and hold them LOL.

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  5. Thanks Sue,
    I was laughing when the idea came to me but seeing as how my fingers were falling off from washing bathroom floors by hand, dishes, toilets, and mopping the house after sweeping….wished I was on a beach…so in my mind, I was. And it was quite fun too I must say 🙂 Light and cheers to you also my friend, Kim

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  6. Yep, although I think they call ’em black racers, have also seen red banded black snakes too…just babies, I think they’re a delicacy for the big birds if my views of their dinner are any indication😊


  7. This is an amazing piece. You are an excellent writer. Your talent is multifaceted, a rare gem. I get the image of Mr. Slithers. I am so much the same way. Thank you so much for giving me the feel of a sweet world outside my own, as well as the feeling that we connect at some miraculous level. Light and Cheers!

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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