It shall pass

In ancient places words live
soft, unspoken pieces
like ancient ghosts carving verse on clouds,
they will come to us in dreams,
waking us from the sleep so very deep
carrying us back in time
to our beginning,
leaving us questioning
the truth of our souls.
The trees will move past,
beyond our control they will move forward
as we sit and ponder their mysteries
they will shroud us in their canopy
sustaining our breath
yet continually exceeding our grasp,
branches too far
too high,
to climb.
We will see the light break through
as the wind meanders through their leaves
and we take comfort in their shade,
they will cover all we’ve imagined important
laying to waste with their might
surviving past our feeble days
strong and rooted
in the Mother earth,
grasping for life as we ponder fate,
they dont wonder
they just exist and move on
stronger and mightier
than cloud words that drift
out of view.
Majestic visions speak of time
when we were fragments of stars
and trees began as a small seed
planted in the mind
and taking root
exceeding the places man built brick by brick,
encompassing the city
of our dreams,
showing that strength conquers stone.


25 thoughts on “It shall pass

  1. That is great. Now, Jacarandas (I’m surprised you have them “up north” in FL) are very, very common in Mexico city. And in February-March, the city is all purple-mauve. Lovely.

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  2. Yes we do, I love the purple flowers, I think we have almost everything down here it seems….neighbor planted maples because he missed them back in NY….and so many varieties of palms too😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s okay, you hit the like button, that’s good enough for me….and you’re still here after all of these years too😊💐🌷🌹🌸🍾I am blessed to have you😊

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  4. Yes, I love flowering trees, and with purple,or variant shades being my favorite, what a beautiful image….the flowering is done here right now, I’m not sure if they only bloom once a year in spring….time will tell😊💜

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  5. Why thank you John,
    We have some really huge trees down here, jacarandas are particularly neat…this image grabbed me and the words flow from there. Blessings in nature😊


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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