In pursuit of a sunset

Gentle ocean calls its hymn
Singing of the depths of endless things,
Possibilities of a new day to bring
The comforts of a bliss awakening.

In hues of sunsets I recall
the songs of a sky beckoning
to sit a spell and create a dream
I heed to the notes singing of the soul.

Blessed light to mark the time
casting shadows on treasured thoughts
yet washing away the tired energy
creating new vibration to start again fresh.

I come to find the distant shore
meeting the horizon in shades of blue
stacked like colors on a painted palette
masterpiece to soothe to the core.

It is in this place we become whole
following the rhythm of each wave
washing in the warm salt bath
becoming a piece of the scene.


16 thoughts on “In pursuit of a sunset

  1. More kayaking, my arms will be like sculptures some day…haha…getting even more beautiful, eh? Have fun, hi to mom, hugs to J-Mo…..and wet shakes from Chi who just decided she wanted to come sit in the pool….all on her own…..wonder of wonders😊

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  2. I’m at the salon, about to get my hair styled. I’ve errands to run. Gonna take my Mom to lunch, and take a gift to a friend, so much to do. Enjoy your day! 🙂

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  3. Happy Saturday my friend, farmers market strolling, a nice breakfast….oh so bad for me diner food and maybe to the beach today, life is good. Peace and love and hugs from the girls too😊

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  4. Good morning Sheldon,
    I always find the waves calming and relaxing
    Bringing me peace and calm
    How are you feeling today my friend?
    Happy Saturday
    Peace and blessings

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  5. This is so incredibly serene! I love the feel and flow of it and the picture is worth a thousand words! Skillfully done, Kim!

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