The things I lose sleep over…

Well, okay perhaps I don’t really lose sleep over this, as sleep is so very precious and big yellow elbows just make for a quick yummy bad for me lunch. I was talking to hubby the other day as we perused the aisles looking for some staples for the week. The spiral Kraft mac-n-cheese was on special for .89 cents at Save-a-Lot, a bargain when  you think about it. Something we both like and have upon occasion so into the cart it went. (well perhaps two boxes went in..but I’ll never tell) and I cooked it up for a quickie later in the week. Filling two bowls and grabbing my bottle of Heinz (because everyone knows you must have only Heinz ketchup on Kraft mac, but not on Velveeta mac, just the Kraft)images

and was a little dismayed to find the noodles were quite small, as in I felt like I needed a magnifying glass to see the little things. The contents in the bowl were much lower too so I just thought perhaps like anything else these days, honey, they shrunk the Kraft. Fast forward to a few weeks later and being the wise soul I am see the Kraft regular noodle type (the happy smiling elbow one) on sale for 1.25$ buy one get one free. Another bargain this wise shopper thinks to herself and begins to compare packaging. Well the bargain .89 cent was shy of almost two ounces. Holy cow, that’s why I was still starving when I was done….they shrunk it and the portion size. Now I’m all for healthy eating most of the time, see….100_1663.JPGSo just last night hubby grilled up some macadamia nut encrusted sea bass and I made a salad to go with…yummy hmmm? So why am I obsessing over the mac-n-cheese? I think that if you’re going to shrink the contents, you should shrink the box or something. Here people think they’re getting a great deal and really, some child may go hungry because two ounces are missing…AND….it still calls for 4 tablespoons of butter regardless of size. No wonder we’re getting fatter. Another thing that irked me is I was so excited to find a new creamier version, so of course of the two I bought, I got one of each:thick-n-creamy and regular version.100_1664.jpgSo I pop them out of the closet and compare notes (because that’s what inquiring minds do you know) and you know why it’s thick ‘n creamy? Because you add an extra quarter cup milk to the stuff. That’s the only difference…How much did they pay for packaging when on the original they could have put for creamier version, add more milk? I don’t get it….I don’t even add milk to the regular, just a little water for some moisture…Now I have to go buy milk to make the creamy version?…not happening folks, Not. But Kraft mac-n-cheese is always near to my heart with their catchy little sayings and they make you feel like a kid again, go on, have some of your kids portion as you make it, they’ll never know…unless of course it’s the shrunken version in which case they’re gonna starve. Now for the real kicker, they have to entice you with new flavors, see:


and I even came across one that called for merlot, and some now come with Chipotle, Jalapeño, etc….I think they’re trying to give us ulcers while they’re at it. So enough on the Kraft…perhaps I can talk hubby into splurging on another wedge of sea bass….Now that my friends is worth its weight in gold. No shrinkage intended…but Ooohh, it’s so good.


22 thoughts on “The things I lose sleep over…

  1. I always enjoy your perspectives…..the incredible shrinking product, or the dollar store things look regular but are made in a foreign country, toothpaste from Africa that says its Colgate, etc…..sad state indeed. Peace and super sized blessings, Kim

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  2. Fun and serious all in one 🙂 I don’t like the shrinking games…and huge packages for display only…but then I also don’t like higher prices…they’re protecting us from that truth 🙃

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  3. I remember being in the market at an off hr
    This guy was taking my favorite mustard off the self
    I just stopped and watch him
    He noticed me looking
    I was having a Sheldon moment
    He starts to tell me that they are making the bottle smaller and the price will be going up
    I just pushed the cart and went on
    But this is our world called life
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  4. The hard part, down here we refuse to turn on the oven….why heat the house up if we don’t have to….so a lot more grilling, etc…..and boiled water of course for the Mac.😊

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  5. Thanks Elouise,
    He is the bbq master, a lot of smoked things. Last night was rotisserie chicken, today smoked chuck roast…gotta make some Brunswick stew at some point and needed the variety of meats….mmmm…glad you enjoyed the fun post😊

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  6. It’s like finding out your favorite ice cream isn’t ice cream but a cheap substitute …all natural my butt….and toilet paper, taking the cardboard roll out and then it gets smushed so it doesn’t roll nicely in the middle of the night in the dark when the last thing you want to do is fight with a roll of tissue…argh……thanks MarDrag, glad you enjoyed it😊

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  7. I can’t even tell you how frustrated I get at packaging lies and shrinking products while prices go up….they did it to my favorite toilet paper Dagnabit! My daughter wonders how something can be “new & improved”. If it’s new, how can it be improved?? Love the post! 🙂

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  8. food rip-offs! I hate them. They’re all over the place these days. Masquerading as ‘normal.’ I have to admit, though, that it made for a fun post! Hubby sounds like a very smart asset in the kitchen! 🙂

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  9. Hubby makes that too, with BBQ pulled pork mixed in….takes too long for a quick lunch though…sigh….two hours between prep and baking…if we already have some pork from prior bbq in the freezer (he only makes twenty plus pounds of shoulder at a time and there’s only two of us😉)

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  10. Yes all those dyes to make it that nice shimmery yellow…yikes! One of my local stores actually sells the cheese powder by bulk, which is just as yummy / horrible for you on popcorn …double jeopardy!

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  11. Sooo very bad for you, I don’t have kids so can’t use that as an excuse…guess we get to,eat the whole small box😀 shucks…..haha…yummm…had it for lunch today..with ketchup of course😊


  12. LOL I love whimsical posts like this 🙂 Yes, this product will always have a place in my heart…or at least my tummy, if only for old-times sake 😉

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