Restless light

These city streets remember my name
cool night air and music in the distance
te beat of the heart
pulsating in echoed chambers
coming home
Corridors of silent shadows
fill the mood with a welcome sigh
a light in the window waits for me
weary feet move
Yesterday life no longer mine
hustle and bustle of working bees
droning on in the day to day
eager for the time
to play.
Restless light behind shades drawn tight
I see the forms of people move
embracing lovers as the darkness takes over
you didn’t wait
after all.
Moving on into the depths
left behind the love so blind
but tomorrow I rise to begin again
searching for a soul
with truth,
eyes that smile
arms will embrace
as the night will wash us away
into the restless light
of beginnings.

Not sure where this came from, loved the pic I found and just went with it. Hope you enjoy where ever you are, and a Happy Saturday night…don’t stay out too late…
peace and fun,


Step by slow step,
the weight balanced by a single handle
rocking back and forth
careening into legs
as we walk through the grass to the water.
High stems bow gently in the breeze,
tickling the legs as I walk past,
shuffling along as the water gets closer,
almost there.
I take a breath of the moist salted air
as I set the weight down,
Jadis sits on the sand eager for our trip.
Burning pain brings me from my reverie,
looking down in dismay at the dreaded color
red like cherries
feasting on the flesh,
killer ants attacking my lovely skin
as red welts rise up to greet my dismay.
I slap myself here
then there
then here again wondering
from what bowel of Hell did these emerge from?
We walk back for the second craft
and I watch the ground for blatant party hot spots
yet what do I see,
but the tall strand of grass mocking me,
a line of ants just waiting to catch a ride
to score a free meal
on my tender juicy flesh,
but I’m not down with that
so I move away,
no free ride today
’cause we’ve got places to go
and sights to see,
so I’ll not have some insects feasting on me,
so we push to the water
and gliding away
beneath the meandering clouds
into the peaceful mangroves….
to hear a big splash….
wondering what the heck was that?
Not looking back.

Thoghts on another beautiful kayak ride today, only to find nasty little ants biting me as we carried the crafts down the path to the water….nasty little things I tell ya, nasty…..not sure what the big splash was but it went from where we had the boats and into the water…..gulp…..gator water….eyes wide open and heart beating like a wildman….nature at its best.

Magic of imagination

Spinning teacups in colored dreams
thoughts of magic in between
stories from my yesterday
caught in a cyclone of whimsy.

Madness fills the pantry of mind
overflowing all of the time
stirred with sweetness and light sublime
flying, soaring feels so very fine.

Strange and glittering worlds
cosmic fantasy sweeping us through
live action life movie
through the looking glass we move.

Becoming larger then small again
this escape into a beautiful place
in a simple dream of exhaustion
slipping away into a magic world.