Restless light

These city streets remember my name
cool night air and music in the distance
te beat of the heart
pulsating in echoed chambers
coming home
Corridors of silent shadows
fill the mood with a welcome sigh
a light in the window waits for me
weary feet move
Yesterday life no longer mine
hustle and bustle of working bees
droning on in the day to day
eager for the time
to play.
Restless light behind shades drawn tight
I see the forms of people move
embracing lovers as the darkness takes over
you didn’t wait
after all.
Moving on into the depths
left behind the love so blind
but tomorrow I rise to begin again
searching for a soul
with truth,
eyes that smile
arms will embrace
as the night will wash us away
into the restless light
of beginnings.

Not sure where this came from, loved the pic I found and just went with it. Hope you enjoy where ever you are, and a Happy Saturday night…don’t stay out too late…
peace and fun,


4 thoughts on “Restless light

  1. Thanks Kat, your windchimes are singing quietly in the sea breeze. I think of you often and hope all is well, albeit busy if I know you….peace and love my favorite muse, mermaid songs and all good things, Kim


  2. Perhaps, it reminded me of my young college days living in Washington DC…many moons ago….many…..not missing those days but sometimes the memories come crashing in…albeit not quite thane same as this would lead….


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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