The perfection of balance 

In the wilderness we wander
seeking answers to age old questions,
left staring at the graffiti on walls
wondering who left the book behind,
the old and dusty volume that we were told
had each reason
each purpose
and still we move forward
this chain of humanity
wondering when
the madness will cease.

Under a rising sun we wake
setting open all of the fences of need,
standing on toes to grasp alignment in the stars
we open our hands to find
a perfect balance
through words,
tears of understanding,
strength of solidarity
and a wholeness of a heart,
we rise up to challenge
the darkness while we wait
for the light will come,
as it always comes
and with it we stand on the precipice-
a new day of awareness
where forgiveness and healing
walk hand and hand
with the purest of intention,
where a smile pays entry
to a soul unified.
We will move across this stage of life
with grace and humanity
and we will embrace the unembraceable
for that is the only way
fear will be suffocated into a new realm
and love and tolerance
will triumph.
The perfection of balance
I pray in my lifetime
with so much at stake
dance the dance of now
holding onto the light
and spreading the image
of one.

17 thoughts on “The perfection of balance 

  1. Just got to one myself, will hop back in mail and have a look see, now excited and I am SoOOOOOO happy you’re feeling good today. Yay you!!! Sooooo excited. My prayers must be working. Good to know 🙂

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  2. Thanks Morgan, Tre has had me going now with her balance posts on FB and here, and just had to come up with one in light of the darkness of the world. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

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  3. Thanks Sheldon, just got back from shopping for a new pair of smaller 🙂 shorts, time to get creative…waited long enough today…as the sprinkles fall from the heavens and 92 degrees. hot and sticky one again today 🙂
    and thank you too if I hadn’t said that already. I always appreciate you 🙂

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