Will I be?

When the time comes,

as every good time must,

when change moves through

demanding of ourselves

a metamorphosis of soul

will we be ready for the inevitability

of change.

Will we embrace the darkness

the cocoon that holds us tight

turning us into something unrecognizable,

morphing us into a new creature


more beautiful,

free to fly above it all

without remembering,

or will we remember

when we were strange,

not so beautiful,

an anomaly of nature that was found

sitting awkwardly on a stem

searching for something

we never found.

Will we have courage to become

that which was always intended,

that which we were never told would happen,

just a faint thought in our minds that there must be

something more than here,

something more than just this,

as we take our steps slowly,

precariously balancing on the surface of life

wary of predator

yet still existing regardless,

will we settle into the comfort of sleep

trusting that which will occur,

the magic that will happen

when we least expect it,

will we welcome it into our lives

as we gaze at stars feeling so very small,

will we realize that we are something,

not nothing,

that we are all a part of

the larger whole.

100_1676.jpgA strange caterpillar? found wandering among the confederate jasmine, my camera not the best at closeup images of insects, but I found it to be rather cool and beautiful, wondering what it will someday become, and hopefully not dinner for a hungry bird or lizard. This fuzzball inspired the words above.