Storms of life

We watch as clouds gather in the distance or within, knowing it’s really all the same, still a storm and we think we ready ourselves, sometimes succeeding but as it draws closer we get that feeling in the bottom of our stomachs, the going down the big rollercoaster hill as we cling to the precipice, willing it to not happen yet excited for what’s to come. Will we be safe, will we last through and emerge on the other side unscathed? Time will tell and with everything in life we take precaution, we play it safe, we check off our lists of do’s and don’ts  and settle down for the plunge, the big show. We gather off to the side as we feel the winds settle and the blackness just hangs there and so we wait, and then we wait some more as we’re feeling the change in the pressure, feeling the coming onslaught. We feel the hairs rise on our arms, we steel our mindset to conquer and we let it fly.

It happens sometimes while we’re not expecting it, blind-siding us and we look around helplessly wondering what to do now, we search our minds for things we’ve learned, sometimes finding something helpful, sometimes just empty space greets us like a blank wall waiting to be filled, with what, we just don’t know. But it’s here, surrounding us and we try to duck and take cover, finding safe haven-a refuge out of the brunt of the power and if we happen to find it, we stand there by the windows watching the lashing of the storm around us, mesmerizing us by the sheer volume and we get a little satisfaction in thinking we are safe. But what of the tree branch, or careless words that still come crashing through to find us standing there, as the glass shatters where we stand and the shock overcomes us we realize that we are still in the same helpless spot we were. Life has happened, and we thought too hard that it was something separate from us, we didn’t realize that the energy, the movement, the storm is us. Each thing that touches us is us.

We are a part of the whole and sometimes just need to relax and let the storm move through, be a part of the wind gathering the elements of energy to refill our psyche, to refill our mind. We are staring at it so raptly because we feel so small before it, but to be a part of it is to lose our fear, to be accepting of the magnificence of this world that we are a part of, if only for a short span of time. There are many storms happening out there, everyday a new one arises somewhere and we may think it doesn’t touch us but in reality, we are all connected, without feelings, our hearts, our energy-we need to choose the good and set aside the bad, choose the love over hate, teach our children to be good stewards of this life and respect all. Because there is no difference between us, we are all souls put here to fulfill something that came before us, a truth bigger than we know but that we sense. Be kind. Together we are the storm and we will wash over the world and shed light in the darkness.