In between shades

Watching movement in time and space

in between waves of movements of place

rippled streams of consciousness

nothing more, nothing less.

Beauty found on barren walls

ghostly forms in empty halls

call to those who seek the sight

as day edges off into the night.

I journey in the mind with ease

with dreams on edge they taunt and tease

and whisper words of a night birds song

deeper into the shadows long.

I call to thought, remember me

and waking lose that final plea

as the specter image begins to fade

left on dampened sheets where the scene was made.

I lose these thoughts on a silent morn

and wonder from where they had been born

will they return in brighter hue

as I slip below and dream of you.

I drift back into yesterday

to catch back up to, relive the play

of moments spent in bliss and joy

another dream of a memoried boy.