Rabbit hole

I while away a second

a minute

an hour

no time to waste

staring at the colors move

wondering where the thought moved to

that had sat patiently waiting

for capture before it was led astray

down the rabbit hole.

Hours to days

to weeks

to months slipping past

like spilt tea down the confines

of space, running into each opening

where emptiness had sat

now swims in shimmering liquid

like a laugh at the wrong time.

Spiral moves of skies above

from nothing to something

back to a slow simmer

to a cool-to-touch

and I reach for the holder forgetting

that the time has passed

and it’s okay to handle,

but where did it go

that second

that minute

that hour that left me stranded

watching colors for lack

as the sky poured down

and the tea party broke up

and I hold the empty cup

wondering what it had ever held.



11 thoughts on “Rabbit hole

  1. Now you’ve produced
    My first smile of the day
    Awesome you are
    Good morning sunshine
    In search of caterpillars today via kayak
    Life is good.


  2. Thanks Robin,
    I’m glad you enjoyed it, was thinking of wasted time playing candy crush soda, which somehow morphed into a tea incident and swirling from there left me wondering what? Still not sure😊☕️😊


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