At the edge of forever

Bare feet move towards blue-green sea
white sand beach moves below,
each step closer to the gentle lapping motion
and the waves that wait for me.
I stare across the endless expanse
seeing nothing except blue meeting a different hue
as shells skip over my toes
the ocean soothing the cares away
and I look to where each step was made
as water fill it in and erases my presence
as if I were never here,
just a temporary indent
now clean.
I pluck my treasures and slip them in
as the plastic bag becomes heavier
my thoughts and soul become lighter.
I smile as I watch a group a short span away
gathering sea shells in a circle
and standing within
begin a day as man and wife
here in this piece of paradise,
and the scent of patchouli finds me
as I close my eyes and inhale salt and self
summer solstice seems much more complete now
at the edge of forever.
I sit and gather my belongings,
a recorder not used and a camera too that sits idle,
feeling the tightening of my skin
fresh with sea spray and sunshine kissed,
pink will turn to tan tomorrow
to remind me of this day spent
walking along in the water so warm
and a trove of trinkets to grace my jar,
a trace of a smile remains as I drive away
better for this time
to just be.

A Thank You

A new book from Jeffrey and a prior book free, I’ve been following Jeffrey for a few weeks but enjoy his work and thought you’d enjoy too. Free for three days, click on his authors page and if you’d like, the new book too. Happy Twosday, Kim

Quas Production

Transitional Zen & Conditional Juggling is live in the Amazon store!!! Thirty five original poems; some long and some short. Thirty five mobile art photos; some big and some small. All of them I take pride in.

I priced this ebook at $2.99 because, I believe, the time, work and content justifies the price to folks new to my work.

People who have followed my blog here on WordPress for a while, or even a short time I suppose, will recognize certain titles and have never seen other titles.  I don’t think it’s fair to ask you to pay $2.99 for work (no longer public on this site) you’ve may have read, liked, or commented on even with the brand new pieces in the book.

You’re support, inspiration, and friendship mean a great deal to me.  So as a thank you to you, I want to give you a copy…

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