Enchanted I am drawn towards the striking beauty in the corner, a wallflower so to speak that sits idly by waiting for admiration or a simple acknowledgement of her existence. She beckons to the lens to fall upon her charm, dancing a slow languid waltz in the southern breeze, rippling in her most luxurious finery. Velvet gown worn demurely, past her knees if she were of an age to worry, she has the company of her sister while they wait for their youngest to come into her own and bloom beside the matrons. Her time is short  for the dance, and in a frenzy she moves faster in her place, eager to be plucked from the others that sit quietly around the greenery and I do so want to place her in my hands and take her for that final turn but knowing in my heart, if I were to do so, she would bow her head in shame later for the exchange, in selfishness I would watch as she slowly faded into a dull color and die, just for that one dance. I cannot be selfish with this creature, for she is true beauty living freely. I capture her rippled smile instead and am content to let the wallflower finish her days in peace, amongst her sisters in arms, and I share her instead with the world that will never see her beauty except for here on this piece of real estate she calls her home, for she has be clouded me and I am the better for it. I can only see through the finder, enamored with elegance and humbled by her gift.

20 thoughts on “Rapture

  1. Thanks Sheldon
    Up tomorrow is my sharks tooth haul from two hours at the beach, had to clean them. An impressive lot they are, glad you enjoyed. Is all ok with you? Just checking, happy hump day my friend,


  2. Thanks Sue,
    Yes, she seemed a delicate refined wall flower, soon she will be a spinster and more will take her place at the dance. The wild roses are down the street in Bill’s yard, a lot of red hussy ones🌹😊

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  3. Love the imagery. Yes, it’s the quiet girls, the modest ones who sway to the music in the shadowed perimeters. Not like those wild and flashy girls who dance with one another in the center of the floor, going from bloom to seed in wild abandon, swirling with the music’s wind as the world watches. 🙂 ❤

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  4. It must be chaotically beautiful though, you should take some pics and post them. Everything here is from a previous owner and I know what some of them are, a post will show up in a few minutes on a special tree growing in my yard, still trying to figure what it is/can I eat it and if so when. Possibly bananas? will see 🙂 thanks Ken, your garden sounds lovely 🙂

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  5. I’m not a gardener, but I’ll water what’s growing, just to see it grow. We’ve been in this house or 2 1/2 years. Except for some rhododendron and an azalea I planted to replace some dying rose bushes, the majority of the gardens here are from the previous owner. One is on a hillside beside the path next to the house, and its shaped like a squashed half-circle (40 feet long), framed by field stone (and a stone wall below it, next to the path). The “arc” is lined with various lilies – bearded lilies, day lilies, etc. – while the “straight” edge has succulents and English ivy cascading over the wall. Within the bed are grasses and various flowers, from daisies, to columbine and many wild flowers. Our first spring/summer it had some semblance of order, but I’ve allowed those wild flowers to take over the garden, so that it’s mostly ground cover. It can look unkempt at times, but I enjoy knowing I can look from the kitchen window or the deck and see something flowering from spring into late summer. And, I know what you mean about not cutting the flowers. So, I guess I’m a lazy gardener.

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