Washed away

I walk along the ocean as quiet waves ripple against my legs, bringing me a quiet reflective peace and a calm that washes over my soul. I come here occasionally, to breathe in the essence of salted air and to marvel at the beauty of the colors of the water, how they change with each cloud that passes over, as I lose my thoughts in the breathing and movement that becomes a part of this moment, a part of here and now. I often find myself singing an old song from the Moody Blues, about the tide rushing in and washing my castles away and it never ceases to bring a smile to my face. I am never sure if the tide is coming in or going out and it doesn’t matter anyway because I would still be here regardless.

I come here to find solitude. To talk to the skies so blue above and ask for guidance on things that may be nagging at me, pulling at my emotions and I know I need to pick each of these issues up and set them down away from me, to watch them become washed away like the grains of sand that rush below my feet, ever-changing, returning to their places on the bottom of the blue. When I feel overwhelmed, when too much seems to be thrown at me at once and I find I’m not quite sure how I should handle it, my soul is so knowing of course that there is a need to break it down into something not so looming and large, but often I forget this piece. Break it down into fragments and set them free, one at a time into the endlessness that is this universe.

Sometimes when I am not close enough to the water, my mind goes on this hiatus of its own. It crashes down like waves on a rock, trying to smash the tenseness that is holding me back from being, trying to beat the mountain down that is blocking my reasoning. I allow it to do this, for it knows me so well, knows what I need when I need it. It is my lifesaving ring that casts itself out, reminding me that no matter what, it’s all going to be good and that sometimes it is ok to be selfish, to set aside the heaps of baggage that keep ending up on my lap, or on my mind. It’s okay to just take a few steps back and readjust the compass to where I need to go. I feel washed away and that is a good thing, because I am a strong swimmer and as I stretch each muscle, as I ride each wave, I’m heading back to shore smiling, enjoying the sun as it sets because tomorrow will be another day, lighter and brighter and shining on like my soul.

I am adrift on blue seas

my thoughts illuminated in magnificent pearls of visions,

riding upon the waves of destiny,

moving upon the shore,

swaying gently.

Shimmering like a dream

into the edges of the sand

a smile lighting the soul as I glide

transformed into something new,

watched as I shine,

a gift to the searcher

seeking treasure,

bounty of an endless ocean

spirit of water.



15 thoughts on “Washed away

  1. Thanks Sheldon,
    Just had to get some things clear in my mind and the best way I’ve found to do that lately is create,
    I know that will resonate with you my gifted artist,
    I’m glad you’re along on my adventure,
    It means a lot.
    Peace and water,


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