Blue room-(endless thought)

My mind drifts to the ocean shores as I sit within four walls of blue. Waterfall waits for need, as it sits forlornly on the floor, waiting, endlessly waiting to be heard. Eucalyptus mason jars give scent to those who enter and the outer light plays like a dappled steed rushing through the creases of the blinds, coming and going like waves dependent on the cloud herd high above. A tired dog naps in the corner of the sandy colored couch, pillows pushed aside as she sleep dream chases the endless quarry, muttering in her dog sensible way, perhaps as she quiets she has won the chase, perhaps she is merely waiting for the next chase to begin. Her ocean, unlike mine, is concrete, and she puts out a paw in consent to meander around in arms, cooling her hot body, perhaps she dreams of this-champion diving swimming machine, which she will never quite be, but I will not crush her hopes of the dog olympics that surely must take up some space within the confines of her dreams.

I sit at the corner of this blue room, the desk of dark brown and the chair that supports my frame as I type, and dream, and wonder what should be done today. A day like most, waiting, like the waterfall waits, wanting to go somewhere, but no sure where and yet content to sit here in this blue room whiling away the time in endless thought. I watch cars move by occasionally, off to somewhere in a hurry, and it will be another hot one today and later the blue skies will give way to the threat of storms. Thunder will be heard and the winds will blow a shade cooler than hot and we will leave the comfort and wetness of the pool to move indoors to a safer climate. We will watch and we will wait, and the thunder will move closer and grey will turn to black and like the flip of the switch, turn quite blue again as the storm moves off without a trace of ever having been here. A storm without having a storm,  and we will venture out to watch the skies as the sun moves close to the horizon, painting the clouds with a sheen of velvet pinks and oranges. I will gaze into the beauty, holding it close to my heart like a blessing and smile. But for now I sit here, watching a tired dog sleep and as she stretches out a bit to get comfortable again I know that it’s just another beautiful day, I don’t need to be by the ocean to hear its song as I feel the peace wash over me like a summer day.

6 thoughts on “Blue room-(endless thought)

  1. It is at that, I’m glad to,see the creative wheels moving so beautifully for you, expands the soul in glorious ways…and gets the mind deep into a beautiful world. Have a lovely day my friend, Always, K.
    Loving the blue room😊


  2. When I first painted it, I was shocked by what I thought at the time a too bright blue color, but have come to love writing in there, decorated in calm and peace driven pieces, a waterfall/fountain….sea spray blue is the color. It fits, so glad you enjoyed my haven for writing. Peace and serenity, K

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