Perhaps it was

I heard your voice calling,
the sullen dreams of youth whispering
as fires raged while you stood tall,
so dark in your stance
head layed back like you were capturing
the essence of ashes,
or perhaps it was the winds of change
coursing around you as you broke free
in your darkness
the shallowness of escape
wasn’t to be all that remained.
We rode the storm of night winds
that tore like banshees through bended trees,
each snapped branch creating a melody
of crystal ships broken
in pieces and shards
drifting down to the bottom
of an endless dream.
Eyes that saw it all,
that knew each memory of pain and loss
choosingto move it all together into a final storm.
and then gone you moved it all
with the flick of your beautiful hand
and we stood there in the desert,
covered with red dust and lost in an empty place,
till I awoke
and you were gone,
my ears ringing with sweet words
as the rain fell silently down.
Perhaps it was a piece of you,
energy through time and space
and the longing to hear the rhythm
of a long ago ghost
lost at the end,
finding a soul open to hear
your haunting words,
come closer here to me.

8 thoughts on “Perhaps it was

  1. Thank you my sweet friend. I appreciate it. Had a lovely couple days but back to normal this afternoon, sis and family heading back North and I get to play catch up😊 happy smiles, thank you😊💜

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  2. Such a beautiful poem.. I would not wish to awake from such a dream and I would listen long for those haunting words to once again ring in my ears as I walked in the desert dust..
    Beautifully written xxx

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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