Pizza party Florida grilling

With the demise of our propane regulator and not getting our selected stove in for a week, it becomes grill city for hot food, or microwave magic? Which is limited. So what’s a foodie to do? Pizza party outdoor style of course, just thought you’d enjoy some pics of our dinner from the grill. Margarita and a white clam pizza and with one extra crust, a combo of clam with dashes of homemade red sauce.

Had to skip the fresh mozzarella as it melts all over the stone, grill is over five hundred degrees, outdoor temp around ninety, equals hot, hot hot!

Finished product, thin crust, lighter cheese than you’d get on a take out pie, olive oil, garlic, onion, chopped clams and Italian hard cheese grated blend. Yumminess and enough for several meals in case you wondered….we did not eat it all in one sitting….and last but not least, my hubby being beautifully funny….a pic taken for the guys at work back home….it makes me smile. Welcome to our world, Bon apetit.

16 thoughts on “Pizza party Florida grilling

  1. Now this sounds wonderful, except the mushrooms, I hate mushrooms. Pizza is great as there’s so many different toppings you can use. I worked at a pizzeria for ten years but the toppings now have gotten a bit more regal than pep and cheese….grapes and garlic, rosemary and Gorgonzola cheese is the other fave. Thanks Ken, now I’m hungry…alas, coffee first😊
    Peace and pizza,

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  2. Loved this.
    We have a Saturday ritual of homemade pizza. Bonnie makes the crust and I chop the toppings and do the “decorating.”

    5 cloves of garlic chopped (simmered in 2 Tbsp of olive oil) goes down first
    I spread the garlic & oils over the dough, including oil on the outer crust
    2 oz of shredded Fontina
    asparagus and diced eggplant (browned first in the oven)
    sun-dried tomatoes
    artichoke hearts (quartered and chopped)
    black olives
    crumbled goat cheese
    then… fresh basil after it comes out of the oven
    gas oven at 440, on a stone
    With the convection setting, it’s done in 11 minutes!

    For a change up, once in while I’ll substitute baked salmon for the eggplant, or make a Buffalo chicken pizza with the breast from a rotisserie chicken soaked in Frank’s hot sauce, celery & mushrooms with shredded Fontina (or even a bagged shredded “pizza cheese”), then crumbled blue cheese added halfway through the baking time.

    All of that to say I’m with you when it comes to pizza made at home!

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  3. Acclimatize to 82 with LOTS of fans and brief outdoor heat in stages. Easier to adjust to the heat than the sticker shock of electricity, for me. It’s deregulated in TX and the power producers own the PUC (Public Utility Commission) and NEVER rule contrary to their favor. But hey, winter is mild & brief, I know that means the world to you.

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  4. our faucet water is not ice cold…I make lots of ice. I am laughing as the electric co. said this time of year, temps in the 90 range, your AC should be set around 78. we keep the bedroom at 74 with the fan on to circulate. now I know why our electric bill was so high last month….yikes.

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  5. I thought temperate water was a given at least, as it is here. I yearn for cool water from the tap in summer. For hot I have my huge stockpot. Hang in there, Paisana.

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  6. can’t wait to see what the propane peeps charge to pull out their equipment. Tank is 56% full, but changing the regulator, the pipe fell back behind the wall and they’d have to take out a chunk of the outside of the house to repipe. We said no thanks, ordered an electric stove yesterday, will be in a week from now and still waiting to find when the plumber can come with a hot water tank and refit it to electric. So who knows when I shall see hot water again. No cooking, and cold showers but I’m still smiling. Besides, I love pizza 🙂


  7. We make them often, always yummy, I’m glad he allowed me to use that pic, priceless 💜 we make one with olive oil, grapes and Gorgonzola cheese with fresh rosemary too….mmmmm💜

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