Walter Waddles – A Short Story

I detest any form of bullying and if I haven’t overkilled you all yet on my short story, here is a new one from my friend Michael. Please stop in to visit Michael, he always has something good and informative to say…not to mention amazing poetry too 🙂

The Poetry Channel


Walter Waddles

It was unfortunate for Walter Waddles that he struggled mightily with his weight, a not all too uncommon affliction these days, but a surname like his was fodder for an unceasing commentary on his unbalanced gait brought on by an accompanying and rather prodigious girth. Further cause for ridicule from his puerile classmates at Robert E. Seaman elementary was the fact that his feet were splayed and compressed under the burden they bore, and while one shoe was worn down on its outer edge from supination, the other was slanted opposite from pronation and the result was that Walter Waddles … well, he waddled.

He thought that he had heard them all, and with characteristic aplomb executed peremptory strikes upon himself whenever he anticipated an upcoming wave of tired epithets. He was fortunate to have one friend he could count on to act as his straight-man in setting…

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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