Things We learn from dogs

This is Apple, as if you hadn’t already had the pleasure of meeting this fun happy canine, and this is Apple’s way of saying, “I don’t care how wet I am, I will still jump on the couch, but because I have my Diva towel, it’s okay, right?” um, well, no it’s not okay. If Gramma Gail were to see a wet dog on her couch, well, I would never hear the end of it. No matter if we roll up the rugs, protect the furniture, a wet dog will always find a way onto it. I’m in the pool and if I get out and shag her off, well then I get everything wet too. A catch 22 if there ever were one. Now Chi on the other hand, and unfortunately I don’t have a pic of it, went swimming with me, basking in the golden sunlight like the fraidy girl she is, as I CARRIED her around the pool like Cleopatra, gets out, gets all nice and dried off by Dad, who once turned around, decided she wasn’t done yet sitting in the water cooling her fur so walks over, with the towel still around her and climbs back in. Aye, what’s a parent to do. I supposed if that’s the worst of it than I can live with it. Other things I’ve learned from these silly creatures….

  • If going for a walk and the leash holder is the least bit sore, pull more so that you really do a number on their backs.
  • If the armadillo jumps, and you jump too, then it must be okay to chase it….same applies for rabbits, squirrels and small barky dogs.
  • If there’s not a way out of the fence, we will find one, never fear.
  • The best lawns to poop on are the soft cushy ones with long grass, that way we get to rest twice as long as you try to pry it out intact into the doggie doo baggie.
  • When carrying the doggie doo baggie, on garbage day, try to hit a street that hasn’t been emptied yet by the truck, as doo in a backpack in 88% humidity on an 80+ degree morning will still smell through the plastic.
  • At four o’clock on the dot, we shall commence Bone Thirty or else we will stand and stare at you as you play on your computer, leading you to feel the burn and pay attention to us.
  • You may think these bars may cage me, you’d be wrong.
  • 100_1724.jpg
  • If you’re gonna cook something on the barbecue and make me endure the luscious aromas, you had better have something left over for me.
  • Even though we didn’t see you put the biscuits in your pocket, we know that there’s more than one for each of us. We’re starving after all…how could you only grab four?
  • If it’s a nice cut lawn, we must roll on it because we can smell the nasties within that you can’t so you had better just hang on a minute while we do our rolly thing and not complain.
  • If you’re going to go out for dinner, again, you must bring us something back, even bread is fine…it still smells like your dinner.
  • If you’re gonna wash the floor, please give us a chance to go out and get dirty so we can help you plan your future washing it yet again, same with the nice white bed blanket…we love to do skids on that sucker.

So on that note, here is another pic of Apple Diva trying not to be seen on the couch, and Gramma Gail, you didn’t see this…nope, not at all.