Stormy Weather Yesterdays

“Rain, your rhythm on my window pane
Drives me insane because I can’t face the music
Without singing the blues”

The lady, she sings softly in the corner
sharing the tears of her heartbroken world
stained in the blues of insecurity
broken shell crumbling to the ground.
Stormy weather movin’ in
to the beat of a yesterday song
and it don’t matter ‘ cause we all know the tune
when the skies turn dark
and the soul finds the gloom
of another rainy day fallin’
when happiness won’t come callin’
what’s a lady to do.
A voice of ages with the jazzy beat
yesterdays child lost in defeat
of the demons calling
and the empty street,
solitary sound of losing the game
no time left to begin again
when there is no shelter for a broken heart
and no ones waitin’ at the end of the day
her ghostly spirit drifts away
and nothing remains but a memory
calling me to sigh
wash that darkness through
to gather the light to see the way
past stormy weather
again today.

Thoughts listening to Billie…..singing the blues….no fears folks….I’m havin’ a good day. Just words that fell out of the mind inspired.

Bridge of choice

“Between the silence of the mountains
And the crashing of the sea
There lies a land I once lived in
And she’s waiting there for me.

But in the grey of the morning
My mind becomes confused
Between the dead and the sleeping
And the road that I must choose” The Moody Blues

In the clear of light we see the path,

never sure which one to choose

yet to stand undecided is just a waste of time

and time is all we have.

The skies may darken as lightning strikes so far away

and we feel safe as we stand slack-jawed watching

wondering how far till touchdown and as we feel a single drop

still feel secure in our grandness,

in our ego we feel so high above it all,

nothing will mar our journey,

for we ask for guidance and know it will be given.

Yet we are surprised when the beast rises to threaten our calm,

when we are surprised by that which we see,

that which we know is not the right version of how our dream went,

and we shout to the mighty cloud, how dare you mar this moment,

we asked for perfection and you deliver us this storm

and as the water rises and we feel the fear wash over us we realize

we are only as mighty as our convictions, as strong as our faith.

Faith is what drives the soul forward,

pushing past fear to enjoy the thrill of each curve,

each turn our lives take,

for better or worse,

it is what sustains us in the darkness,

it is what guides us to the light of the path we should choose.

Trust in the words spoken within,

believe in the laughter that falls like rain on parched ears,

know the love that this space holds for us,

even though we cannot always see and the road may become treacherous,

hold the hand of the one in need,

through each storm we will gather

and move through to find the other side

where we will be whole

where we will be complete.

A post for a friend who I think needs to hear the words. Sent with prayers for healing and light and to know you’re not alone. Peace and blessings, K