I just wanted to give you all a quick update….still trying to get the Internet connection here to work, on vacation and unfortunately my fingers run quicker than the web around here….I will be back to normally scheduled writing and visiting when I get to full speed ahead….praying its soon……I’m still alive and well. Peace and love, Kim

On a less pleasant note, my dogs went to the beach last night and rolled in dead fish…..not pretty AT ALL!!!!! Argh.

Sifting thoughts

I gather the bits and pieces

like broken stars jagged and laying upon the mind

shaking and moving, searching

for anything left to salvage

to patch back together with the magic salve

like glue, tiny pieces continually fall through

leaving their memory behind.

I sift these pieces in the light that fades

sparkling elements glitter in the rising moon

and I hear them call quietly

requesting passage to return to what they had been

when they shone like diamonds

and I gather them in my hands

blowing them into the night sky

as they trickle down, falling like tears

I had once cried.

Image: Sifting Shadows-Bolton Coit Brown

Into The maelstrom 

Tossed and turned about
ship unanchored moving in
to the wind whipped depths
returning to the open sea
lost for a moment in an eternity,
anger claims hold in white washed waves
as sleep elludes the restless soul
darkness clashing forces
something so simple
turned into another deep dive
in to the bottomless emptiness
and you can throw the vest, the ring,
the device that cannot save-
for there is only one way to rise above
this maelstrom
and that is to go deep within
to explore that which lays claim
like the handful of ships before
sunk and without notice
destination unknown,
pieces of history barely remembered
yet for the wire tongued whip
trying to keep it in line
and the feckless student
wise beyond his time
turning disdain to the Motherland
better to run aground
learning how to survive
than clinging to a sinking ship
whose day has come to run aground
to become but a fading memory
of yesterday and the storm
that launched the ideas
of a place of blue seas

Gorgeous image of Venice FL by : Kristen Gunn