Nothing deeper than….

Star of fire lays in the sky
And I can’t sleep till she slips beneath into
Her shroud of darkness
for it is who I am
restless in the night of shadows
watching for her demise.
Oh she will return,
don’t get me wrong
for it is her nature to glisten
on the earth like a mirage
rippling in the city streets
testing the patience
of the weary.
There is nothing deeper than fire,
stirring the embers of a mind moving
ever moving,
searching the depths for shade,
for release,
and in the quiet of a moment she descends,
whispering words of solace
of another day passing and a new one on yet to begin,
pouring out the golden goodness as only she can,
swimming in her beauty as she warms the chill away,
for only she can slip beneath skin
and remind
that over and over again,
she will return
and there will be no rest
until she is done.
Without her is death,
within her is life
surrounded in her embrace
we are alive.

Within these moments

Complexity amongst simplicity
mind moves in slow motion unsure of direction
wide world washes over like waves
as treasure on the shore leave me wondering
at the peace within these moments,
here one minute then gone the next
retreating back into the shell
of another world.

Spiral staircase memories
wind their way into the hold
plundering the remains to find
tattered pieces of something gone
and forgotten,
still I turn each piece over
carefully viewing the etched beauty of each individual,
unique and different
all so special
putting it in my pocket
for another day.

Creations of wonder
the thoughts of each in this world
stirred by the life within held with tenderness
scented with the salt of wind and tears
and the endless sea like life
that keeps moving in and out
washing a poets soul,
cleansing a spirit with the setting sun
upon the gems of yesterday
we try to grasp it all before it moves
back into the depths,
back to its beginning.