Within the magic

Only within the innocent mind
where magic places sit and hide
and fairy dust is sprinkled there
without a care,
the peace of the woodlands whispers
the stories of things rarely seen
a forest shrouded in dappled rays
where laughter is heard
on gentle breeze.
I’ve seen this place in deepest dreams
colors cool and the mushrooms wild
on beds of pine so soft to touch
undisturbed by man and such,
this world of silence where birds still fly
and dragonflies race on summer skies
as butterflies flit with elegant grace
here in my magic place.
At night the lightning bugs fill the air
a dance of lights on humid air
and the scent of a campfire draws you near
as the melody of the night music calms the soul
and Blue and Grey will smile for you
as sweet dogs do
beside the pond of Smith acres
the magic moonlight and mystery
of a magic place of hope and light
on a fresh and beautiful summer night.

For Sara….