Patching up spaces

I found this image on Facebook a long time ago and while clearing out my photo files thought it would be a lovely share. This time I saw it in a new light though, as often happens when time and distance creates an almost back burner effect, set aside to warm and brought to the table when ready. It reminds me of our souls and our hearts, of how many fissures and breaks we endure on this path through life, on our journey. We gather the pieces back up of course, stuffing them in to the empty space that now lay there but somehow, there always seems to be a piece or two missing. So what to do? 

We often search for something or someone to fill the void, feeling incomplete as the wind whistles through those cracks, but what if instead of cramming things in that may not exactly fit, we fill each one with joy, with happiness. Wouldn’t that be a great thing? The gold or silver will be precious moments that made us smile, the laughter shared, the songs sung, each and every little thing would all melt together and fill in the space, creating a whole effect when done. We are often drawn to those who have that special glow, that happy attitude. Why is that? Perhaps we see something in them that we long for in ourselves. Perhaps their experiences and sorrows and rough times were filled with happy, giving them an appearance of beauty and wholeness, we see it because we have our cracked imperfect selves when we look in the mirror. We can do it too though, spackle in the hard times, the sad times with an abundance of happy, turn the sharp torn edges to smooth flowing joy, a liquid rainbow to pour into the space, we will radiate the reflection of what we project and others too will then come forward, wondering why you are so together and beautiful. Why are we now beautiful? Because we perceive ourselves to be, projecting outward a new amazing light and when we look back later, we may not have realized it but we became that which we admired, whole and unbroken and it will be so very good. Become the art, fill the cracks in with the patchwork of love, hope and joy, be who you were meant to become. Whole. Complete. Unbroken.