Within the folds

I do not have to see the tree

to feel as if a part of its roots,

or to feel the salted water caress my soul to know

the essence of the deepest ocean.

I do not have to fly like a butterfly to understand

the movement of the wind upon my being,

I do not have to touch the rain to feel the strength

of the passing storm.

I do not have to gaze at the stars as if they are so far

as I reach out and pluck them like plump berries

filled with shimmering color to delight,

for I am here

within the folds of the universe

I am all and it is I.

I do not have to hear a song to know the feeling behind

the soul who penned through tears and life,

I do not have to hear the rhythm for I gather it

in each chorus from the birds beyond.

I do not have to wonder or wander far

to find myself drifting into the comfort

of all that is and all that will be,

now and forever,

a part of me.