I Sang
Because I had no voice,
because I was taught that being supressed
was okay
that it didn’t matter
because I was not a bird
and I could never be
flying free
but a caged and petted version
of something other than Me,
like an object
that was maybe Good enough
and I SANG
in the shadows where no one heard,
where no one could see
to laugh at me,
just a wilted sparrow weak
flapping aimlessly against the hold
not knowing why I needed to fly
to hear the song of My Soul,
to let my voice be heard,
to BE.
I Sang
because I knew it mattered
if only to ME,
which was important enough
to let it go into the sky
as the words could fly so very high
unlike broken wings
that remained impassive
and sad
and stagnant in their growth
yet as I Sang,
the words growing louder
and so in turn I Became
that which I sang
and found the key
in the tiny spaces inside of me
waiting patiently
for the story to be told,
the ugly sad-like voice silent,
so many years lost
Waiting for just This moment,
THIS very moment that became only Mine,
that just this tiny lost voice
Became Everything…..
if only to ME.


3 thoughts on “Strength

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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