Whose child is this,

perhaps a mermaid gift from the depths

on this tranquil shore tossed forward,

with a quiet smile she moves easily,

effortlessly across the waves

alone and bobbing around

as the sun quietly settles down upon her shoulders

locked in her own world

aware of only herself and the sea.

A beautiful moment to behold,

I reflect back to years gone by,

when I too was in the center of the wave

moving, rocking like a dolphin carefree

before life-like waves came in to crash down

covering the now aware self

into something other than the bliss of the here and now,

changing the innocence of play

into the fight for a place to fit in,

a mer-child forgetting for a while how to swim,

how to be carefree

how all that mattered was just love and peace

as the tides move in and out

I had forgotten how to float.

This child is me,

and I am her,

united in our worlds unknown to each other

yet together in spirit

free and moving

towards the beginning of night

touched like the sun resting lightly down in to the sea

together in spirit

of this beautiful life.

I know not who the child is, having watched her play alone with such abandon and joy down at the Venice Jetty, had to capture it to share. A beautiful child of peace and happiness.