In pursuit of an image

Adrift on still water

blue below and above the scattering

of thoughtless clouds meandering

across the mind

of a gazing soul-searching

for images within.

Floating I stare into each group

hearing the distant rumble of thunder on the sea

but here in this world, my cocoon a plastic shell

moving like an autumn leaf on gentle waves

I see all I desire in my mind’s eye.

White swans dip gracefully and dragons do battle

while farther away a heart almost becomes whole

before slipping in behind the larger looming formation

lost for a moment except for in my inner camera.

I hear only the sound of my breath

as the paddles dip into the shallow water

a solitary bird stands watching

perhaps wondering if we have the gift of a fish

or a morsel to tempt the tall feathered beauty

and we move silently past,

slipping away around the turn into a space

where the sky meets the water

and the white sand leads through grass

over into the wild blue

but I remain here in this quiet pool

cloud gazing while my mind gathers wool

of the sheep that forms

flying high and I have become

a small insignificant piece of this universal puzzle

rearranging shapes in white

like an artist dabs the sky

with an invisible hand.

100_1776.jpgOur kayaking trip around the Turtle Beach area began with the bluest of skies and within a half an hour, large bulbous clouds moved in to gift us with shade and some time to be able to sit and imagine what it was at any given moment above, shapes and sizes so immense making us feel so very small. Two and a half hours of non-stop paddling and my shoulders are letting me know about it all today. Peace and cloud gathering, Kim


4 thoughts on “In pursuit of an image

  1. Thanks Sheldon,
    Just woke from my nap….still sore…..feeling old, haha….just kidding….achy and breaks perhaps, won’t be swinging my arms like a helicopter anytime soon🚁
    Peace and pain,

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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