Into the light

I watch my thoughts lose track on their way to something I needed to remember. A dream I had so sweet and serene, where I was in a place filled with beauty and I felt the soothing light wash over me like a sweet symphony. There was silence in this space and I felt as if I were floating, moving like a balloon through the sky while watching with wonder the emptiness below me, no human souls, just greenery and flowers as far as the eye could see. Blue ocean met like a border where the green left off and the sky was endless. This place was simply beautiful. I walked along and then stopped in my tracks. No particular reason, I just stopped because as suddenly as it was lost, it was found. I looked beside me through the palms along the path, seeing the soothing light that finally made its way to my view and I smiled then. I felt as if this were a part of a place I had been before. This feeling, this view and a butterfly flitted by my head, calling my conscious mind out of its aimless thoughts to watch as it flitted about on the air back and forth in front of me, as if whispering it’s secrets. The place I was looking for wasn’t external, it was within. When I could take slow breaths and quiet the inner voices from their frantic search, I became a part of the world I had been seeking. It was the dream coming back to speak to me, to remind me what it was that I had been trying to remember. I stood in that place for a few minutes, just appreciating the simple things around me, the view of light that found me unexpectedly while I was on my way to somewhere else. It was enough. It filled my heart, my soul and I began to hum a song from long ago and knew that in my mind I had arrived at my destination. I felt whole. I felt peace.


10 thoughts on “Into the light

  1. Good morning Sheldon,
    I remember the days of summer camp,
    Oh how fun was that,
    Meeting new friends,
    Arts and crafts and playtime to tire
    And sleep that came to gratefully
    At the end of a long fun day,
    Peace and blessings my friend,

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  2. I noticed the lite this morning when I was taking my daughter to camp this morning
    It had done the same for me
    Thank you Kim
    For reminding me about that moment in time
    The Sheldon Perspective

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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