To fly

Have we forgotten how it is

to fly with wings through sunlit skies,

to move past this life into a soul alive

and cast away the hurt, the pride.

Have we forgotten how it feels

to slip through clouds on silent dreams,

to float on air with out a care

and feel the peace that lingers there.

Have we forgotten how it feels

to spread our wings and know the sky

to call upon the winds on high

to move effortlessly with just a thought.

Have we forgotten the simple things

to share in this place a love so free

to gather close the sense of self

and so be able to sprinkle down to earth

abundance of a gift of life,

a thousand blessings to all we see

beneath these wings

we’ve forgotten how to fly free.

They hide within when we forget

to use the beauty tucked away

to spread the joy, the gift, the life

these broken wings can mend within

and in doing so, be able to fly again

just whisper the wish of love to all

in doing so they will rise again

and journey to the heart with glee

into the darkness, setting the light free.

My mind keeps moving to thoughts of wings, of movement and joy and this is what came out. I was searching for some pics I took in Savannah a few years back, not sure where I put them but found this image on the internet and it filled the image I needed.

Peace, love and get those wings moving my friends. Fly ❤

Double dog dare

Just one of those moments, another year older and here I’m thinking my eyesight is failing me, I don’t remember what day I took this and do not recall the sun being at that angle where it would cast shadows like that. We’re normally out in the evening in which case the sun is on the other side of the house, in daylight I don’t think even a flash would throw that kind of light, so I will chalk it up to happy mysteries of the day to day. A double dog dare….okay, really she just wanted to go in, perhaps thought someone was getting her a bone or biscuit….or two…or three, but the image drives my eyes a bit buggy, thinking it was out of focus, nope, two for the price of one. Just a bit of Thursday fun compliments of miss Apple. Or as hubby put it so nicely a minute ago, “Mug shot?” , yep, think I will go with that….she is a thief after all, stealing our hearts like that.