Where’s the cookies?

With excitement and with glee
a sign meant just for me,
with dreams of sugar and cocoa
peanut butter and more so
with macaroons and fruit
and chips and nuts to boot,
the visions filled my mind
as I left the husband behind.
I saw the sign and a metal fence
and a small house just beyond
but could smell no good things on the air
just nature and trees and birds flying there,
no Oreo’s or snickerdoodles of dreams,
no cutouts nor the gingerbread
as disappointment filled my head
where are the cookies that I see
on the sign right there in front of me?
I want some pecans and jelly filled
peanut blossoms like Mom had made
no sweet things here just logs and stone
wait, how can this be a cookie home?
If I’ve got my milk but nothing to dunk
this has now put me in quite a funk
so home to gelato to soothe my heart
and heal my soul
where there’s now a hole
for no cookies in my cupboard there
but I got some nuts
so there!

Thoughts at a park earlier today where I saw a sign that said Cookie house…too much excitement…for a second, then the let down. Sigh….I could go for a cookie about now.



Is now

Waking with resolve watching

the hands that never go round

on plug-in light up boxes

we’ve become electric, static

change of winds blowing

swirling in directions we can’t catch

or fathom the lightning that takes it all

with a single click of a switch

we look to the wall

old-school prophecy of time

that slips into a place we cannot retrieve

precious moments


One word gives a light heart as I hear the voice,

the smile behind

giving strength to stand firm

against that which seeks to cause stress

for the time is

now to STOP the spread of anger,

that suffocates the peace

leaving a void

that should be filled,

each second like a cup overflows

with life-giving beauty and wonder

and the skies still crackle and groan

under the weight of clouds wrestling

within the sky, body blows of cold and hot

creating the energy

the catalyst

for change.

One tiny thing,

just one something different to change the mix

to create something new

to be something different than

it was a moment ago,




it will live to see another day

better, stronger.