Glass art made by dogs

Unexpected beauty comes in all forms. We slide the glass back and forth, moving from the cool world into the jungle beyond. The Florida humidity is tempered nicely with the cool breeze of the air condition and fans within and some days we partake in a jaunt around the towns, peering into beautiful galleries filled with art creations by various hands, leaving the girls home to hold down the couch until our return…or perhaps to be creative….

My husband found our gift, painted nicely on the sliding glass door yesterday, compliments of one of the girls (Apple or Chi), they didn’t leave any paw prints to sign their name to it, not that we would be able to tell the difference if they did, but here is a beautiful flamingo. I know they made it as a gift to my husband as years ago he used to have quite the collection, and one year we even decorated our tree in pink lights, with a light up lawn flamingo at the top and all sorts of “Florida” style ornaments….it was fun and our families thought us a bit daft but that’s okay. So now we have this beautiful flamingo artwork by the drool of one of the beasties….alas….Windex will have to clean up and leave no trace of the fine work, so I captured it on camera to share with the world what my little beasties like to do when we’re not looking. I’m glad they won’t be asking to go to college to further their career in mouth art, and perhaps an extra biscuit will be in store for them later today to work their tongues into a happy froth and perhaps we will get a peacock next, pretty fan feathers and droppings to accompany.

On a side note, also celebrating today, 2500 followers. I never would have believed after writing here for two and a half years, that so many would want to read my scribblings but I thank you. I won’t draw you a flamingo in drool, no fears, but I am doing my incredible happy dance. Trust me, you don’t want to see that either.

Peace and love my friends,



23 thoughts on “Glass art made by dogs

  1. Congratulations, my dear muse. I wish you many, many more in days to come, because you deserve it. Peace, love and everything in between, dear friend. ❤
    By the way, the dog art is fabulous. 😉

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  2. I understand completely, sometimes I go a few days and en play catch up myself. Life happens and I can’t sit at my computer 24/7 or I’d go crazy. Did you just get some nasty cold weather/winds down there this past week? Stay warm, rest up and you know where I am, I appreciate you John regardless of if its only one visit a week or two😊

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  3. Haha, yeah, I like that idea, I’m not sure if hubby would, he likes a clean looking kitchen…besides, we’ve also got their paw prints daily on the white tile floors here, everyday sweeping and still, they make more😊

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  4. Sometimes I feel guilty if I skip over you, and others of my followers. I am getting a bit old at 73 and often I am just a bit tired. I hope you forgive me,

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  5. Thank you my friend, I was excited to say the least. Wow, life is good, now if they all visited I’d be huge….haha…not what I’m going for at all, just enjoying those who visit and that I’ve become virtual friends with, peeps like you😊💜 thank you for your support, it’s always appreciated.

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  6. I’m glad to have you John, not all who follow actually even visit, but you are always there to prod me and cheer me on to tell more stories, for that I am blessed indeed. Peace and love, Kim


  7. There are countries with smaller numbers of people than that. Well done! Maybe think about declaring sovereignty. 🙂 The dog art rivals anything Pollock produced, and shows well against much of Picasso’s!

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  8. they are housebroken 🙂 thank God for that 🙂 Apple tends to drool when she thinks there’s a biscuit involved, it’s not a constant thing or the bed would be saturated 🙂


  9. No, I chose to let your dog’s effluvium speak for itself
    I was just glad to see I misread when I took a second look at the word “peering.”

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  10. and here I thought it was just the dog art 🙂 thanks Michael, enjoying the journey, the souls I meet and the inspiration I receive daily from so many, including your fine self too I must say 🙂 Peace and fun, K

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  11. Thanks Eliza, was a bit surprised, pleasantly of course…and the artwork gets to stay till later, then a fresh palette for new work…a daily thing, usually just looks like smudges 🙂

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