Change Becomes

In quiet gardens we watch
day to day changes that come forth
everday green bursting
alive with the gentle color
of a morning sky
tinges of pink herald the coming
of beauty for eyes to behold
tiny gifts of love
blessed by the hand from above.

Tender flowers dot the landscape here
as we walk along the quiet streets
lost in our thoughts gazing beyond
at houses dark, not yet stirring
and in secret places between the green
small blossoms peer at us as if to say
good morning, come enjoy our love
for it’s not long that we stay
and we say farewell and move along
finding with each turn something new
as life blooms all around us
we smile and feel the peace
of another beautiful day
as it comes to life
in color.

Photo taken in our front garden, enjoying the many lovely colors and each day on our walk, we seem to find new enchantment abound on each street we move down.

Begin and end

So I began where it ended

swirling in wind moving

circular flow

coming round to meet the start

no longer falling apart

but tied like a string whipping in rhythm

circumnavigation of the world

peering into the deepest hole without end

from where I stood above looking down

endless tunnel through

as I reached out to save you

for I knew not where it ended

left with only fear of unknown

needed to try

my strength denied I stood watching

and felt the pull of something greater beyond

and suddenly knew

it was okay to move through

and the other side of the world waited

with new sights to see

in this endless dream

I found myself back at the beginning

in the end.

Waking in the darkness I lay

stillness washing over me

and breath comes steady and strong

as messages of light came to greet me

wondering what it all meant

as I stretched out and began

a new day filled with hope

and inspiration to move through

into the fear and past

to what waits beyond.

Thoughts on a dream I had where a huge hole lay in the ground and the bottom was endless and I kept trying to save everything from falling in but heard a voice telling me to trust and follow, like the proverbial hole to China, I arrived on the other side to this beautiful place where my dog Zip stood smiling. What a happy dream, letting go of the fear and trusting to go forward. A pleasant way to begin the day. Beautiful image found on the internet searching for a photo for rhythm. The dream place near the hole was windy yet held a good rhythm. Have a beautiful Tuesday my friends. Peace. Kim