Change Becomes

In quiet gardens we watch
day to day changes that come forth
everday green bursting
alive with the gentle color
of a morning sky
tinges of pink herald the coming
of beauty for eyes to behold
tiny gifts of love
blessed by the hand from above.

Tender flowers dot the landscape here
as we walk along the quiet streets
lost in our thoughts gazing beyond
at houses dark, not yet stirring
and in secret places between the green
small blossoms peer at us as if to say
good morning, come enjoy our love
for it’s not long that we stay
and we say farewell and move along
finding with each turn something new
as life blooms all around us
we smile and feel the peace
of another beautiful day
as it comes to life
in color.

Photo taken in our front garden, enjoying the many lovely colors and each day on our walk, we seem to find new enchantment abound on each street we move down.

9 thoughts on “Change Becomes

  1. Good morning Kat,
    I’m finding all sorts of cool plants down here, the bananas are getting bigger too, thank you for being you an have an amazing day😊


  2. Thanks so much Michael, it comes from what looks similar to an aloe plant, but I’m thinking it’s something else, quite pretty, can’t wait to see what it looks like when it blooms😊 peace my friend, Kim

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  3. An endless source of metaphor, the garden. Smooth and lovely as all the rest of your poetry. Love this and the pic.

    Liked by 1 person

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