Endless movement

We are locked in thoughts endlessly moving
etched in time we find the separation
of yesterday, today and tomorrow
between memories and a song
sung in the stillness of a night
graced by the moon above.
I feel the grains coursing through
caught between need and want
and the simplicity of a voice in the essence of dusk
calling the soul to remain
in the calm.
Holding the world in the paper cup
reading between lines to find
it don’t matter much when it’s all just a groove
cut in the fabric
out of place
out of context
and to feel the love of life coursing through
leaving the waves
crop circles of the mind from nowhere
going somewhere
just not here right now
but ringed planets revolving around
in endless synchronicity
to a word spoken out of tune
moving round the fullest moon
still missing something
I’ve just forgotten once again
locked into this wave of life
as the rain waits to fall
and skies turn to sailors be warned
sitting and waiting
on just the right the words of perfect song
to touch in just the right way
perhaps being heroes
just for one day.