Selfies in Seattle Challenge

I guess we are now officially on a roll. Smiles of the world, unite in happy playful goodness. Judy has made my day and I honor her here, and her beautiful smile, because we are all beautiful people and smiles rock!! Thanks Judy and come on people, show off those amazing smiles to ignite some joy. Thank you Judy, OMG….I’m smiling too big…a good joy indeed.

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I am meeting a challenge to post a selfie..and wondering if I’ll be brave enough to post one I don’t like.  Okay, off to the hunt.  Brb.

IMG_0779-1 (1)
Not a selfie and not taken in Seattle, but a zippy title, no?  This is a shot someone took of me at my all-school reunion a week ago. Why is it that it is that the lips that get thinner  with age and not the hips or arms?

Okay, now I challenge all of you to post a photo taken within the past few weeks. You can call it a selfie even if you don’t have one of those arm-extension dealies or a tripod and timed-release camera.  It is a selfie if it is of yourself only, no matter who took it–taken within the past two weeks. Please link to my page via the comments so I can see that you’ve answered the…

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She shone in glitter

I never like my smile. It’s not a bad smile, it’s just not one of those award-winning ones that you see everyone else possess. But I have been coming to conclusions recently, taking time to do what is necessary for me, time to ponder the deeper things in life that matter. This image was taken on our anniversary coming out of the restaurant where we had our wedding dinner. It was snowing, which for Western New York in February is not a rare occurrence at all and now that I live where it seems to be hot and sunny every day, I know that images like these will now also be a rare occurrence. I had my picture taken today sitting next to Santa Claus.


The town I reside in was doing a Christmas in July thing today and tomorrow and I found him sans red shirt cooling down holding his bucket of candy canes (and showing his tattoos…who knew?). I smiled and had so much fun just talking with these “transplants” from Wisconsin (Santa and Mrs C) and I felt wonderful just being amongst these people, not caring if I took a good pic or not. Hubby took the pic of course as I’m obviously not a fan of selfies…When we got home I perused the images on the card and downloaded a few and thought, what the hell, why not. I like this picture. It is a reminder of happy days, not that I don’t have a lot of happy days but to see my smile, well, it made me smile. I felt glittery there, almost and if not as good as I felt today. Why the change? I think it’s perspective. To stop caring what others may think, to start doing what I choose to do and not what is expected. I feel as if lately a load has been lifted off of me and it feels amazing. Oh, and I was a mermaid too today.


Darn, that was just too fun. Now you won’t catch me posting these on FB as I refuse to be one of “those” people, but here at WP where my friends are just so caring and loving, I thought I would present myself to you. (Get it, present? Christmas in July) okay, enough. I think what I really want to say is I don’t want to go out of this world ever worrying about what I should have done, what I would do differently. So damn people, I choose to be a mermaid, a Christmas kid at heart and a girl who shines like glitter. And I’m not sorry…perhaps a poem tomorrow but for today, lots of me, me wonderful me….God I’m having fun. Join me, won’t you? Let’s see your happy post of your award-winning smiles and fun caught on film. Trust me, you won’t be sorry (at least I hope not) plus you know I’m gonna like it of course. Because you are beautiful! Yeah, lets spread more of that now okay? Post a link in the comments with your favorite selfie….I dare you, I double dog dare you! I’ll be waiting.