I stood there on the edge of the mountain

wind pushing against my body and soul

my feet gripping the line where eternity begins

and earth ends, like sharp talons grasping

as I fell forward into the cushion of air

the invisible barrier holding me as I peered below

like an eagle ready to take flight

no hesitation, just awe at the image of forever

as I flew without leaving the ground.

The fingers of clouds held me still

as the sweet breath of the wind whispered into my soul

and there was no fear of death

no thoughts of what stood behind me

beyond the edge for I had become

a feathered machine turning my head

seeing the impossible in every degree

and I flew in the dream into tomorrow

with words hanging like butterflies

gently landing on my shoulder

knowing not to touch for fear of breaking

the fragile wings that moved back and forth

before taking flight

into the unknown.

The buoyant mind soaring on the current of thought

drifting down into the depths of sleep,

alive and the memory of the dream

never skipping a beat upon waking

refreshed from my flight into the universe.

I’ve changed up my blog a little bit as you can see, so please let me know if you like the new theme and layout, what works for you and what doesn’t. I think it suits me but time will tell, as we are constantly evolving creatures and sometimes changing it up a bit charges up the old soul. Peace and love and no, I’m not jumping off of mountains….just a cool dream I had last night where I fell into forever but was held up by the wind, I just love dreams like that. So exhilarating.