Sifting thoughts

I gather the bits and pieces

like broken stars jagged and laying upon the mind

shaking and moving, searching

for anything left to salvage

to patch back together with the magic salve

like glue, tiny pieces continually fall through

leaving their memory behind.

I sift these pieces in the light that fades

sparkling elements glitter in the rising moon

and I hear them call quietly

requesting passage to return to what they had been

when they shone like diamonds

and I gather them in my hands

blowing them into the night sky

as they trickle down, falling like tears

I had once cried.

Image: Sifting Shadows-Bolton Coit Brown

14 thoughts on “Sifting thoughts

  1. Very beautiful piece…and imagine that each of those jagged pieces upon the mind have a voice each communicating an argument for and against life, just imagine. I love this piece, thank you for sharing. eajm

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  2. A haunting narrative of beauty and remembrance, Kim. I felt clearly the way something can shatter and be remade, even as somehow we are able to hold it all in the vessel of our aware hearts. My first time to see the new theme, too which is wonderful!

    Peace and Love


  3. Wow. I am so sorry. I try to appreciate every day, and when these kind of things happen there is no real sense of understanding. Sending huge hugs, and light to you.

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  4. Thank you Tre, finding the peace I so desperately needed, it’s funny, in hindsight to know I didn’t really have to go too far to find it, it was just hidden beneath the clouds, needed a chat with a friend and a dusting off to remember. Peace and love and a good night, happy Tuesday night and the next week plus may be sporadic, but I will make time for my “Tre fix” always does wonders…hint..more audio….I may need it in the next week💙


  5. They are smoothing out a bit…thank goodness. Nice chat with my neighbor tonight, she was a ballroom dancer, vibrant and happy, it took them an hour and a half last week to revive her from a seizure…makes me appreciate my days and the new people in the land I call home. Blessed, finally seeing it. Thanks Elizabeth, truly, you are awesome and I’m happy to be able to call you friend, part of the tribe💜💜💜

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