Amazingness that brought happy tears to my eyes. Everyday amazingly beautiful people. Wow….wow…so very happy, yes I am….my friend and fellow Buffalonian Ken💜💜💜💜💜😀


She shone in glitter, by Kim at peace, love and patchouli, talks about smiling and being self-conscious in front of the camera. These days, with the proliferation of selfies, it seems there are fewer and fewer self-conscious people out there. I’m not big on selfies, although you might guess otherwise if you were to see all the videos I posted online in my heyday vlogging period.

I’m not afraid to smile for the camera, except for maybe at this particular moment (more on that later), but it wasn’t always like that.
Selfie-ness_1At nine-years-old, I tripped and fell while in a department store. Both front teeth broke, forming a gap in the shape of an inverted “V.” My dentist said I couldn’t have crowns (or caps, as he called them), until I was seventeen, since the process might involve the nerves in the teeth. Fortunately, he decided to try it…

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Living on air

Drifting aimlessly on stormy winds

captured in crevices, caught to be

living on air and no roots to set

into ground beneath our feet.

Natures art decorating places

unexpected like life that paints itself

in sunrise colors and ballooning clouds

that change in a heartbeat

rolling from calm to a darker holding

moving overhead in ominous threat

yet even the darkness is often broken

caught on the clashing fronts

cold to hot to cold to here

where you lie waiting to be released

to wander aimlessly once more

living day-to-day on the air

that we breathe in and out

in steady rhythm in spaces deep

and filled with all it needs

to survive.

We had a nice rain storm last night with a flash of lightning that woke me around 1 am  and this morning as the beautiful sun rose on a pleasant calm yet damp Sunday, found this little plant lodged into the lanai. I see them growing on the lofty oaks above but apparently this one wanted to drop down to visit for a while. I think I’ll let it sit a spell and enjoy. Perhaps I shall call it Stanley…looks like a Stanley to me. Peace and love my friends and Happy Sunday. Hope it’s calm and filled with peace for you.