Beside the sky that sits like a painting, rippled in faded colors of a sun that slipped away, water moves silently, glistening like a million diamonds scattered on smooth cloth, I breathe in the familiarity that is still foreign in its own unique way. I have returned to this world and in reach of the endless water, yet it is different now, it is a world I am at heart a part of yet still feel somewhat detached and it was home and now it is a place to visit, my paradise waits a thousand miles and days away yet I am calm, I feel the empty void that moves like a few drops of water in a glass too large, space where there should be a fullness, but there is harmony within for it must be, it has to be. 

I close my eyes and breathe in the cool air surrounding me, the scent not comforting like my space that lies behind, no essence is here of me and I move across this place like a bottle on the waves, meandering with the wind, searching for the place to land. I am here again and the mission is moving forward and familiar faces greet me, some leave me sad for missing the essence of a loving soul, for being so far now but I move forward and embrace each day and appreciate the places that can feed this mind, the water with the thousand diamonds and the sun that slips away as I reach out as if to entice it to remain for just a bit longer…but with each passing, another day comes with new moments to live, and one step closer to the journey home.

Enjoying my vacation yet missing my space where I am complete. I suppose I can add up all of the beautiful moments to tide me through, enjoy each laugh, hug and face but I realize I no longer see this place as home anymore, missing the tropical scents and my peaceful blue room retreat for “getting my Zen on” and missing you my friends. Be back next week and looking forward to the insights I gain in hindsight. Peace and love, K