Room with a view

Reliving moments
yesterday once more
gazing at the peace beyond the door
wind whispering secrets
of new beginnings and old ends
turning round
to come back again.
This place we had known
some things change
yet still remain the same
as dappled sunlight filters in
and beyond the door the dragonflies move
flitting on the humid air
to dance in joy on the summer sky
and I don’t know why
but I can smile to see
these simple things
and although I don’t miss it too terribly much
it’s nice to get this remembered touch
of yesterday to relive for a day
and the stars tonight will speak softly
bidding me a sweet hello
and welcome back
that I’ve been missed here
yet still seen from afar
beneath a different view
of my universe
once more.

My view next door to where we had lived until five months ago, tonight we will stay in the cabin here of the neighbors, visit old and new friends and enjoy the peace of nature once more till our return to the paradise of home. I had forgotten about the dragonflies….a good sight to see.