Watching and waiting

Green water greets liquid thoughts

washing through the dried landscape

sitting and wondering the next steps

the prints in the beach

often washed away

and the new impressions created

in directions unintended

but needed.

Watching and waiting

knowing the truth that settles in below the blue

and the waves course in and out

like the feelings and emotions that flow

rain swollen skies at bay

waiting for the steps to walk away

into the shelter of peace and calm

before the thunder heard

and the lightning reaching across

within the safety of the embrace

of familiarity

welcoming like an old friend

waiting to say hello.

I visit often these places of truth

the voices that speak across the universe

guiding me into the rocking sea

scent and sight entwined to hold close

this home I’ve come to know

and love more than you know,

more than I could think possible

watching and waiting

for my return

to now.


15 thoughts on “Watching and waiting

  1. Maybe not the pigeons…..I may go find a donut place that has wifi to see if it’s the computer or Internet…..Sherlock Holmes powers of deductions… though, no donuts of course😆

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  2. I’ve never had issues, Apple is usually pretty good but even my mail is almost on disconnect….wondering if it’s the Frontier Internet…..makes me want to throw devices against walls indeed…..sigh


  3. Getting caught up on my peeps, always a record setting thing after more than a week away….somethings wrong with my mail, comments, don’t seem to be showing up,,aggravating, I delete things I’ve read into trash, and they come back into my inbox….don’t get it at all….it’s like Groundhog Day


  4. Thanks Michael, came home to grey skies and rain but the balmy peace of the ocean breeze always stirs my soul nicely. Glad to be back😊 missed WP😊 and all of you too😊

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  5. Thanks Michael,
    After seeing the lake all week and then returning to the ocean, it’s like night and day, the sights and scents, sand instead of slate and rocks, beautiful surroundings to be had everywhere but I’m happiest at home close to the peace of the happy place we’ve created. Thank you and I have a new post of yours to read, excited and saving it for today😊 peace and love to you, Kim


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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