Nothing Wrong With Being In Love With Someone

Now T Wayne over at A Joyful Process never ceases to set my foot tapping to his musical selections and I had recently commented the world needed a little Al Green, kind of like more cowbell, we need more cowbell, so imagine my surprise when I open up my mail today and see this. I adore this song and had to share. Sit back, enjoy the groove and thank you T for this soulful smile I’m carrying happily. You groove man, you groove. Indeed.

A Joyful Process

One of my readers, Kim from the Peace, Love and Patchouli blog made a recent comment on my latest 80s Mania Monday post about Billy Joel suggesting that I needed to feature some Al Green. I’m not sure if that was the first request I’ve ever gotten for an artist (it probably isn’t), but whether it was or not, the Process has been very Al Green deficient. Uh, make that really Al Green deficient—as in there hasn’t been an Al Green song, and damn few mentions of the man many consider to be the last great soul singer. So Kim, I’m going to set that right. And by the way, stop on by Kim’s blog-some lovely poetry is being written and shared with her readers.

When it comes to Al Green, there are so many great songs I could have chosen. First, I had to narrow down the album…

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5 thoughts on “Nothing Wrong With Being In Love With Someone

  1. Ha, yes, you are a provoker my friend. Just got back from shopping, off to dentist for cleaning and then a well deserved siesta/nap. It’s on this evenings docket…party playlist poolside babe, so there….now what to,play after that…hmmmmm…..


  2. Now if you haven’t been listening to Al Green
    there is definitely a vitamin deficiency
    Now go and listen and when your done there’s probably more we can think of
    The provoker

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