Sometimes it is

The little things that glean a smile
a word, a song, a memory
something it seems to always be
that leaves the feeling of laughter there
of special things in life
that make it all worthwhile.
To see you in a memory
to walk as the sun rises behind a cloud
to hear the ocean whisper love
to taste the wonder
created with care
to find a friend still waiting there.
The little things and big ones too
the moments spent here with all of you
like a birthday cake with candles lit
or a canolli for the heck of it,
’cause life my friends is beautiful
iced with the moments made up of each day
the minutes, the seconds that won’t return
and the thought that we can sit and be awhile
and sleep at night with the quiet smile
that we lived it well and wasted no time
and then tomorrow we get to do it again.
The wonders of the beauty we find
and the hope for the young who strive for more,
the gold and silver and bronze is won
and for me a bit of pastry fine
and I will share a bite or two with you
as we sit here in this quiet room
reflecting on the sweetness found
like olympic smiles and mastered art
moments that are etched in time
with just rewards and sweet dessert
leaves wanting more once it’s over and done
but here and now we smile and nod
at a perfectly well done job.

Thinking of sweet things after my dentist appointment and how this world works in crazy ways. Hit a button after I was done writing this and this recipe went crazy and pasted itself five times….guess it wants you to try it. Almost as good as a canolli, which after my dentist appointment was all I craved, not sure why. So a poem, a bit of Olympic thought thrown in for good measure because those gymnasts girls rock and got me all teary eyed and because my computer demands it, a tasty recipe. Fun is the moments in life….now off to listen to some grooves. Peace and good will my friends, happy Thursday.

small seedless watermelon diced
1 yellow pepper diced
1 green pepper diced
1 red pepper diced
1 small red onion diced
1 bunch of cilantro chopped fine
Juice on 1 lime
Jalapeños chopped to taste
Tortilla chips to dip!


20 thoughts on “Sometimes it is

  1. It’s like a chopped salad, not as watery as a salsa, I had it at a picnic, it was served in the salad area without the chips, when I got the recipe I saw the serve with chips part but it was a great standalone offering too😊 the jalapeño gives it a kick too🤗

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  2. For me, gelato runs a close second…have three tubs, small of course in freezer, a bite every now and then just to make me warm and fuzzy and feel like I’m enjoying being good yet so bad too…must be the hidden horns showing themselves. Peace and love Magarisa💕

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  3. Yeah, me too….I could walk down the street and get one, but pre season football on…less calories that way😀 yanks Pamela, next time I get one, I shall have one for you too…just don’t tell hubby😀

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  4. No salsa on the sweets, it would be a sacrilege…..but both are so very good….strange dream driven post…..feeling better, getting caught up on sleep and in a calm happy place, sending the usual to you my pal, always…and good evening too🤗

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  5. Me too, woke up from some strange dreams about sugary goodness, and then computer friezes out and repeated the recipe five times….deleted four and let it fly. Good salsa….but I’d prefer a cannoli of course.😀

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  6. It’s the healthy part of the post of course, and it tastes awesome, if you like cilantro of course, salsa first, then cannoli for round two.😀


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