Mind in movement

In flux it moves on sullen skies

alive with flashing lights moving by

and speed unknown by stillness that surrounds

astounded by the glimpses seen

and thoughts gathered in the place in between,

where dark and light collide at last

and slipping around the peace is found

in the area where a sense of floating calms

I hear a whisper of a quiet song.

The universe, it sings to me

and I move in and around the moments and dreams

like a dancer on a path unknown

yet know it as right for it feels like home.

I linger in a midnight dream

lost and forgotten that they had slipped away

unseen for lost in chaos of yesterdays,

they return and comfort in their amazing ways.

I lay in between this sleep and waking

and know these thoughts will soon be taking

me into a day where I am not yet

but still feel as if I belong in this place

where thoughts meander and call to me

to be set free and taken forth

to tomorrow after today is done

and like the water will surely run

around stones on sand creating scenes

of love and peace and as the meteor gleams

and disappears the memory stays

of just another perfect day.

For two days now I have been having very intense dreams and with a start realize, it has been so long since I’ve had any, or at least remember having had them. It is always a comfort to me upon waking from a deep sleep of dreams that it is here in this place that my mind is at ease enough to be free in sleep, to let the thoughts run like stallions and to wake refreshed smiling. Now that is a beautiful way to greet the rising sun. Blessed indeed.


10 thoughts on “Mind in movement

  1. I haven’t felt this peace in a while
    I am so glad I pushed myself to do this, wasn’t sure till the night before
    Like I said I haven’t felt like this in a while
    I almost feel like I can come out of this with my hairs intact
    As always sheldon

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  2. Hello beautiful friend,
    Still working some bugs out with comments, just changed my Facebook password and was able to get a comment to stick….wondering if I had been hacked and if that’s what has been happening…..makes me happy to hope it all goes well now. How was your trip? Thinking of you and smiling😊

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  3. They always leave me in awe…and wondering what the heck, all at the same time, but much good comes from a wild mind thought stream left to go about its business…makes for a peace and calm, like a calm after a storm barrels through😊💕

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  4. I awoke from such a dream this morning, come to think of it… you know the ones that go on and on and you’re trying to get something done and you keep getting diverted? My last dog Ruby was in it, I was in a city full of old Victorian houses on hilly streets and my two sisters were there. I awaken and think, ‘Where DOES all this craziness come from?!’ 😉
    Great photo, BTW.

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  5. I always relied on them and was so surprised the last two nights after having them to realize that they had been absent, perhaps I wasn’t at peace enough to let them in. Glad they’re back, perhaps the meteor shower stirred them up 🙂 thanks so much, Kim

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