Life force


In this place of calm waters
And rivers that meander
Like thoughts on a sultry Southern night
she will bring in close and gather
the rhythm of a moment of a heartbeat
feeling the flow move through
on an endless trip to anywhere
as the mind breathes a smile
the feeling of release
as the sun slips into its position
making room for the lunar rise
into this time
of now.
Silver essence, a broken ghost
hanging on threads like broken stones
high above her reach,
a lyric of a soul calling
worn through endless time
awakened in the birth of who she has become
alive in the knowledge
the feeling of power,
of self.
She rises here in peace,
in the carefree silence of a waking evening
in the dark room balanced
for there is nothing to see to change
perception from within
with eyes wide closed she moves
into the song of an eternal dream the lives
that breathes,
that has given her the motion of a thhousand stars
as they sing beyond clouds unseen,
she hears her birthright
and holds out her hands in prayer,
accepting the task of enlightenment
she stands aware
of that which she cannot see,
that which she is completely aware
in her minds eye
she has become one step closer
to being whole.

14 thoughts on “Life force

  1. Good morning Sheldon,
    Thank you kindly, enjoying busy days and another day of catchup today….cross your fingers, only took me 3.5 hrs yesterday to read and delete 60 emails…..snail Internet……comments not always posting on blogs too, praying for a peaceful easy day….high hopes for a Monday😊💜

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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